Plusnet “Konya-Seydişehir” Best Fast Internet

Seydişehir internet

We would like to offer you, our Konya-Seydişehir customers, the privilege of the new generation fiber internet, where you can enjoy real fiber internet with a special fiber infrastructure for Plusnet fiber  internet service  . You can use fiber internet service up to 100 Mbps with a fixed price guarantee.

You can visit our internet infrastructure inquiry page for infrastructure control at your address . 

You can make your applications via our 0 850 420 50 75 line and  online applications , with installation priority and special customer representative support  .

If we do not have an infrastructure at your address, you can send your requests to the subscriber center (0545 512 05 46) in Seydişehir district or the support contact number 0850 420 50 75 to have the infrastructure installed at your address.

After reviewing your requests, your positive or negative side will be returned.

After your network request is met positively, you  can start using Plusnet  services by submitting your subscription application.

With Plusnet, we want to provide you with the privileges of being a subscriber with a fast, uninterrupted and reliable service and at affordable prices that appeal to all budgets.  You can also visit our Plusnet page and choose one of our campaigns detailed according to each user’s characteristics.

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