About Plusnet!


PlusNet, which was established under the leadership of Netwifi operating in Konya since 2014, started its broadcasting life as of August 2021.

Our company, which has been serving in the service provider sector for 7 years, has taken a step towards providing internet service all over Turkey by realizing PlusNet.

Seeing that the future is in the Internet and high-speed Internet is in fiber technologies, they aim to be a pioneer in this field with their investments.

With the mission of being a pioneer defined by its founders, our company has determined to specialize on telecommunication infrastructure as its first job. As a result, in 2014, the company acquired the ISS license and invested in technology for corporate services.

After completing the infrastructure works, it started to serve its customers in late 2014. As of 2021, it accelerates its steps to provide internet to all of Turkey with the PlusNet brand.

Netwifi; It has the National Internet Service Provider License Certificate by the Information Technologies and Communications Authority.

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